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Mesa 12.0.6 in 16.04 & 16.10

January 26, 2017

Previous LTS point-releases came with a renamed Mesa backported from the latest release (as in mesa-lts-wily for instance) . Among other issues this prevented providing newer Mesa backports for point-release users without getting a mess of different versions. 

That’s why from 16.04.2 onwards Mesa will be backported unrenamed, and this time it is the last version of the 12.0.x series which was also used in 16.10. It’s available now in xenial-proposed, and of course in yakkety-proposed too (16.10 released with 12.0.3). Get it while hot! 


Intel Graphics Gen4 and Newer Now Defaults to Modesetting Driver on X

July 23, 2016

Earlier this week Debian unstable and Ubuntu Yakkety switched to load the ‘modesetting’ X video driver by default on Intel graphics gen4 and newer. This roughly maps to GPU’s made since 2007 (965GM->). The main reason for this was to get rid of chasing after upstream git, because there hasn’t been a stable release in nearly three years and even the latest devel snapshot is over a year and a half old. It also means sharing the glamor 2D acceleration backend with radeon/amdgpu, which is a nice change knowing that the intel SNA backend was constantly slightly broken for some GPU generation(s).

Xserver 1.18.4 was released this week with a number of backported fixes to glamor and modesetting driver from master, so the time was right to make the switch now while both Stretch and Yakkety are still on the development phase. So I wrote a small patch for the xserver to load intel driver only on gen2 & gen3 which can’t do glamor efficiently. Newer Intel GPU’s will fall back to modesetting. This approach is good since it can be easily overridden by dropping a conffile to /etc/X11 that uses something else.

I’ve seen only one bug filed that was caused by this change so far, and it turned out to be a kernel bug fixed in 4.6 (Yak will ship with 4.8). If you see something strange like corrupt widgets or whatnot after upgrading to current Yakkety, verify it doesn’t happen with intel (‘cp /usr/share/doc/xserver-xorg-video-intel/xorg.conf /etc/X11’ followed by login manager restart or reboot) and file a bug against xserver-xorg-core (verify xdiagnose is installed, then run ‘ubuntu-bug xserver-xorg-core)’. We’ll take it from there.

First post!

November 25, 2007

Whee, this is my first blog post ever.. Created the account a couple of weeks ago after UDS, but didn’t have the guts to sit down and write anything before this wet, cold Sunday.

Hardy alpha1 is coming next week, and the Ubuntu X-SWAT team has been busy updating all the packages and syncing with Debian where possible. Before alpha1 releases we’ll have the new xcb-1.1 which has a sloppy-lock mode “fixing” assertion crashes with buggy apps like java. Also a newer radeonhd has just hit debian-unstable, so we’ll sync that as well.

After the first alpha we will be focusing on the HardyHardwareDetection spec. Perhaps the first step will be to enable input-hotplug after there is code to generate a hal fdi-file for the keyboard layout in use. There are definately some rough corners with input-hotplug, but my tests have so far been positive. Looking forward to the time when in 99.9% of the use cases xorg.conf is not needed at all 🙂