Xserver 1.18.2, Mesa 11.2.0-rc3 in staging ppa

Xserver 1.18.2 was released yesterday, and it’s now available for xenial on the staging PPA. It has a fair number of fixes for glamor, DRI2/DRI3/Present and others. Plan is to move it to the main repository next week. The PPA also has a minor update to xserver-xorg-video-intel, and the latest release candidate for Mesa 11.2.0 which has a feature-freeze exception bug filed. Feel free to add comments about success/failure there, and for xserver/intel file a bug against the source package (xorg-server, x-x-v-intel). Happy testing!


13 Responses to “Xserver 1.18.2, Mesa 11.2.0-rc3 in staging ppa”

  1. Amr Says:

    Thanks Timo.
    I see upstream is porting fixes from radeon to amdgpu in here https://cgit.freedesktop.org/xorg/driver/xf86-video-amdgpu/log/
    Does amdgpu in ubuntu xenial have those fixes?

  2. theghost Says:

    Hi, do you have any plans to deliver mesa bugfix releases more frequently with 16.04 ?

    Because each Mesa minor release has some significant bugfixes and 15.10 for example is stuck at 11.0.2, whereas the most recent version is 11.0.9.

    Especially for gamers it’s important to get the lastest version. If this collides with the LTS policy, maybe you could provide an PPA with the lastest stable mesa release for 16.04 users

    • tjaalton Says:

      Yes, there will be Mesa point-releases as stable updates.. It’s a laborous process though, and since 15.10 was not used by any enablement project it was less of a priority. And now 16.04 is close 🙂

      Having an “early-access” ppa for latest point-releases sounds like a good idea.

  3. tranceash Says:

    does this fix skylake gpu issues

  4. just me Says:

    When mesa 11.2 and llvm 3.8 will be in Debian experimental or sid? I did install llvm 3.8 and all its depencies from xenial ppa to debian testing/sid and ubuntu 32-bit packages broke my 32-bit support, wine stopped working like steam client. I needed to reinstall the system to fix it, debian apt remove depencies is hooked to kde and I use Xfce. I found that llvm 3.8 improved Shawden frame rate compared to 3.7.

    • just me Says:

      When are packaged mesa 11.2 for Debian ready? Now there is 3 rc versions in experimental but source only. it is not a easy task to compile mesa and llvm, so mesa cannot be tested.

      • tjaalton Says:

        experimental has rc4, 11.2.0 was supposed to be released last Friday but wasn’t, first upload to unstable will be 11.2.1

  5. just me Says:

    Now there is 11.2.0 final release sources:
    So debian users must wait for another release from xorg?
    Earlier debian has packages in two weeks, now it is 2 months since last packaged mesa.

    • tjaalton Says:

      there have been no updates to 11.1.x branch, so no uploads to debian unstable either.. 11.2.1 should be out in two weeks

  6. Guest Says:

    Hi, what about updating linux-firmware package to newest git snapshot for up-to-date AMD microcodes (including Polaris GPU family support)? 🙂

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