busy, Fogerty, vacation..


It has been a hectic couple of weeks after the UDS. I had to get all the public workstations at HUT reinstalled to 8.04, and there were some issues that kept popping up and needed to be fixed. Anyway, we now have ~234 workstations running Hardy since last week, so it all went quite well. So well in fact that I could leave on (the first part of my) vacation last Friday without much hassle. Anyway, I was meant to blog about the UDS and various things that happened during the past few weeks, but somehow didn’t have time. So, here’s a quick wrapup..

I had a highschool class reunion party on the same day my flight returned from Prague. So I took the bus to Turku and saw a couple of old classmates I hadn’t seen in ~13 years. Unfortunately there were only a handful of us, but it didn’t slow us down..

A couple of days later on Mon 26th of May I got to see John Fogerty on stage. It was an unforgettable concert, almost as unforgettable as the way I managed to get there… I had lost the tickets and used a printout of the booking information from the website which to my surprise worked to get replacement tickets (the FAQ said that it wouldn’t). Anyway, Johns voice was in great shape and so were his guitars. A lot of them I might add, at least 15 which were being swapped between songs. If you like his solo works or CCR, don’t hesitate to book tickets to a Fogerty concert if possible 🙂

I’ve also visited the cozy summer cottage of my in-laws. We were there to plan some improvements that need to be done this summer, stairs and such. Rest of the time was spent chilling out.. This picture is from that trip, taken on Jun 7th at 11PM..

a shot taken at 11pm on Jun 7th

As can be seen, it’s still quite bright even though it’s late.. Midsummer is coming up in a few days, so there’ll be plenty of opportunities to sit by the fire & lake and sip at a glass of beer/GT/wine until the sun rises again.. no better way to enjoy the short but lovely Finnish summer 🙂


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