Catching a cold in the middle of May sucks…

..especially if it’s a day before flying to Prague.

edit: I’ll still be coming to FOSSCamp/UDS though.. even if I might have to skip some days.


3 Responses to “fever”

  1. Azrael Nightwalker Says:

    Yeah, it sucks, I’ve got cold & fever too :/
    It’s gotta be some kind of virus…

  2. Zamber Says:

    Not a virus as far as I know.
    Spring is one of the most deadly seasons.
    The sun is warm but the earth and air is still cold so getting a fever from a chilly wind is quite easy.
    Add to this some insects, pollens, bacteria (more cause it’s warmer) and viola: fever.
    Get some hot tea, sour fruits (vitamin C) and put on a warm sweater. It should pass quickly.

  3. lando Says:

    ive been dealing with a cold for the whole week and have about 2 projects due today…. im in hell

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